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Our main Specializations
Welders having certificates in strict compliance with EN 1090 and EN ISO 3834-2 requirements
Steel structure and equipment assemblers
Proven pipefitters for industrial, Oil&Gas and Shipbuilding businesses
Our main Industries

Wind energy


Oil & Gas

About Us

The industrial company VLAVI Group offers high-quality manpower solutions in Scandinavia and other European markets, having strong manufacturing industry knowledge, experience and clear understanding of the demands of each particular partner. Our head office located in Riga, Latvia and representations in Germany and Sweden.

During the last 12 years, our company fulfilled various industrial production, assembly, disassembly and other projects in different industries. Thus VLAVI Group has gathered and increased it’s employee pool of proven and reliable specialists and has become a significant long-term partner in manpower solutions for many well-known international companies in such areas as manufacturing, construction, shipyard, wind energy, Oil&Gas and technology.

For your projects we provide our welders (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG), assemblers, pipefitters, industrial painters and other specialists. Our employees have local and international experience, and European qualifications and certificates.

Our cost model covers the candidate selection and evaluation processes, administrative and legal procedures, as well as travel and accommodation expenses. All specialists confirmed by the customer are sent to the project with a full package of necessary documents according to local market labor union rules and legislation, health insurance, and safety equipment.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide high-quality manpower to drive the productivity of the client's business! Bring transparency in people management, create a bridge connecting effective and efficient international recruitment to companies in their needs. Increase the value of our customers’ business, improved quality, and well-timed workforce supply chain dependent on "Excellent Customer Service" and "Consumer loyalty". 
Only a high-integrity company can be productive.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to be the best partner in manufacturing and construction - in Scandinavia and Europe, by establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients through our quality services and innovative workforce solutions that will help our clients to fully focus on their core business and achieve better work-life success.
Core Values

TEAM – VLAVI Group team consists of passionate individuals who are all about achieving our purpose in the manpower industry;

RELIABILITY – we guarantee that our highly experienced specialists accords to your business needs, to become your number one choice in MPS;

MOBILITY – supply you with specialists within 2 weeks after signing the agreement;

QUALITY – improvement of qualification to ensure our specialists perform well;

ACCURACY – we work in accordance with local market labor union rules and legislation;

POSITION – in this industry, we always think about the long term. We want to establish good and lasting relationships with our clients and our employees.

Our History

VLAVI began its business in 1994 as an assembling and installation company of gas-heating systems in industrial buildings, factories and business centres.

Consistent development has led company to new areas such as construction and metalworking. VLAVI assembled a chocolate factory production line in Latvia and completed many other projects. Extensive experience accumulated during different activity management including manpower management, led to an idea to seriously develop the MPS direction. These fields became the cornerstone for today’s “VLAVI Serviss”. Providing talented and proven industrial manpower continues to be the foundation of the organisation’s business.

1994 – till now
VLAVI starts as a company producing and installing gas stations in cooperation with INTRA.
The first challenging project was the sale and disassembly of a sand paper production factory in Dobele, Latvia.
Company sold, delivered, assembled and adjusted of two new 6 m3 orange peel grabs to the port of Liepaja. As a result of increased productivity for client by 33%. Different kind of material handling equipment in harbour sector.
VLAVI provided the crane ARDELT TUKAN K 1500-37 to the port of Riga, Latvia. Crane’s bulk handling rate up to 800 t/h.
VLAVI opens new business directions in construction, production and railway
January 2014
Company disassembled the production line of a sawmill in Latvia.
2016 - 2017
VLAVI Group assembled a chocolate factory production line in Latvia.
Manpower Solutions
August 2017
The first four welders from the company VLAVI Group were sent to a site in Sweden.
November 2017
VLAVI Group specialists work on welding and assembly of steel constructions for a new school in Uddevalla, Sweden.
May 2018
VLAVI Group has certified Latvian railway workers in cooperation with the Paton Electric Welding Institute.
January 2019 – April 2019
Company sent their welders to a wind mill project in Germany.
March 2019
VLAVI Group welders, began work on the construction of a 22 storey hotel in Goteborg, Sweden.
May 2019
Our specialists: welders and pipe fitters have been hired for a long term project in the shipyard industry in Germany.
Countries we work in
Key indicators
We  leverage our decades of experience in building, manufacturing, welding, and assembling to handle all types of requests. 
With our hundreds of highly skilled employees and our extensive network of expertise in Scandinavia and Europe we provide the highest quality, safety, and efficiency.

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in building, manufacturing, 
  welding and assembling

Our Specialists Feedback

"It’s been a whirlwind journey, but I can honestly say that I love working at VLAVI Group. The way this company treats its people and goes out of its way to help employees achieve the best offers and projects is something I haven’t seen elsewhere."

Ilya Krivonosovs
Foreman of the welder team
"I know that VLAVI Group has a culture of advancement and growth. What I love most about this company is the opportunity and support that is given to the employees. Every day I’m surrounded with hardworking, professional people enjoying the challenges and rewards that come with the job. "
Alexander Bondarenko
High-skilled welder
"Sincerely appreciate to the VLAVI Serviss team for being so supportive before and during my each working trips."  
Maksim Griscenko
Welding & Installation Specialists
I worked in many companies, but when I joined VLAVI Group team, I knew at once that now I'm in the right team. There are very responsive people working here, the company strives to be the market leader and recruits only professionals in their field. I like to be a part of companie’s achievements.
Pāvils Baltpurviņš
Experienced TIG welder