VLAVI Group is an industrial Latvian-based group of international level companies. During the last 12 years, the company has been involved in the delivery of high-quality equipment from leading international manufacturers for the construction, repair and maintenance of railways, as well as the company has been hired for the completion of several industrial projects, including assembly, disassembly and other works in different industries.

Since 2017, VLAVI Group’s team has started to work in a new business area, offering high-quality manpower solutions to customers in Scandinavia and other European countries.

Today, our highly qualified specialists work in industries such as manufacturing, technology, construction, wind energy, railway, oil platform construction and the shipbuilding industry.

We provide our customers with qualified welders, certified for one or several processes (on demand), having certificates such as MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, having skills for work with various material groups FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, as well as professional assemblers, pipefitters and industrial painters from our extensive employee pool.

Certified Welders