For Candidates

It is time to discover new opportunities for you!

The main aim of VLAVI Group is to find the right people for the right team.

Our company helps you avoid uncertainty when looking for a job. It is important for us to reveal your skills and needs, and to connect them with the wishes and needs of our customers throughout Europe.

We will provide you with an opportunity to prove that you are a candidate who wants to grow and develop together with our company.

It is important to us regardless of whether you are looking for the next step in your career, a short-term project or a long-term job — VLAVI Group can offer you extensive career opportunities matching your knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in getting a job that suits you, send us information about yourself or attach your CV directly on the site.

We are looking for qualified welders, pipefitters, assemblers and painters!

Complete the provided questionnaire directly here on the site and become a member of our team!

Reasons to choose Vlavi
·        Permanent work – projects
·        Employment in a fast growing European company
·        Ongoing support during any project
·        Transportation services to and from the project
·        The company provides you with a car for the project
·        The company provides you with accommodation for the project

·        Medical and travel insurance
·        Certification
·        Training
·        Projects in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland
·        Duration — 2X2 / 3X3 — rotation system depending on the project
·        Competitive salary

Certified welders