Selection Process

and Quality Assurance

For the guaranteed quality performance of our and customer's projects all our employees go through the strict proofing selection way.
Qualifications and Profiling
The specialists' selection process starts with a clear understanding of our or the client’s business and project. The specifications of the required specialist are identified based on a comprehensive job description and its specifics. 
Effective selection
HR department selects specialists from the company's employee pool for the project based on several key criteria: sphere and years of previous work experience, certificates, skills, knowledge of languages, soft skills, recommendations. Due to an auto-coding and auto-loading system, we are able to quickly and efficiently extract all relevant candidates.
Interview and Communication
A very important part of the selection process is to identify the most appropriate specialist for the specific project. Every new candidate is interviewed to detect not only their professional skills but also the ability to work in a team, responsibility and other soft skills.
Confirmation of skills and Certification
Each new candidate passes a theory test with our professional engineer and a practical test at the training center, to confirm their skills. All our workers have the required, specialised European certificates. On a specific client's request, we organize verified site tests before sending workers to the job site.
List of professionals
We have an employee pool of 250 specialists, who are proven by years of well-finished projects in different fields.
Full Package
All specialists are sent to the project with a full package of necessary documents (A1, certificates, insurances, other if requested), working clothes and necessary equipment if requested by the customer.
Permanent Support
Before starting the work, our supervisor accompanies our specialists to the job-site to increase the speed and efficiency of the integration process. 
VLAVI has a 24/7 internal call center to support our specialists professionally.